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Google Scholar allows you to download the specific journals, peer-reviewed papers, books, theses, abstracts, and articles which are from professional societies, academic publishers, preprint repositories, universities, and other scholarly organizations. It helps you to access the most relevant research across the world of many research papers or books or theses or articles. Along with these, you can opt for Google Scholar Download to get the full text of the specific journal or article based on subscription. You can get to access the abstracts of most of the journals but you will allow to read the full text of journals with subscription. 


Predominantly, Google Scholar can boost the worldwide accessibility and visibility of your content. The company maintains the relationship with publishers of scholarly information to index the journals, peer-reviewed papers, theses, preprints, abstracts, and technical reports from all desciplines of research and make them searchable on Google and Google Scholar. Under Publisher support blog, you can able to get the information about the policies of scholarly publishers and societies. The indexing policies included multiple versions of a work are grouped to improve its ranking, publishers have control over access to their articles, publisher's full text, Google users must view at least the complete abstract or the first full page, and more. Before being published as a journal article, many research topics are generally displayed as preprints and conference papers. These prior versions of a work are often cited in addition to the authoritative journal version. Under Google Scholar search results, the determination of a particular journal's rank will be relied on the number of citations to a particular work. Grouping versions will help to collect all citations to all versions of a work. However, this can significantly enhance the position of an article in the search results. When multiple versions of a work are indexed, it will allow you to access the full and authoritative text from the publisher. This process can be done when you're able to successfully verify and process the full text of publisher's version. Publishers can have control over their publications or journals using their own websites to put restrictions. Specifically, abstract of any article or journals is a most important component of the Google Scholar indexing program. Google users can access the relevant articles or journals with full text or author written abstract without requiring to login or click on the additional links. It considers electronic holding information for generating per article links in the search results to publisher servers. It will not share any information to third parties or will not use it for marketing purposes. Publishers has the right to ask to stop the previously added electronic holding information or modify the information or delete the information at any time. Once the information is not available at Google Scholar, it will automatically stop using it within 30 days of time. Google Scholar Citations provide a simple way for authors to keep track of citations to their articles. Through this citations program, you can check out who viewed your articles or publications, graph citations over time and compute several citation metrics.
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