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Google Scholar Theses involving database that includes abstracts and full text of doctoral dissertations and masters theses from CSULB and more than 1000 North American and European universities. Essentially, Google Scholar creates a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. You can search across many disciplines and sources like articles, books, abstracts, theses, and court opinions which are from professional societies, academic publishers, online repositories, universities and other relevant websites. It is very helpful to find the related work across the world of scholarly research. If you follow the guidelines while searching for a particular journal or article, you can easily get to access the specific kind of journals that you've shown interest. To find the recent papers very easily related to theses, search results are normally sorted out by relevant not by date. To search for recent articles, you just go to left column and click the options like since year or sort by date. Since year option shows only recently published articles and sorted by relevance. Sort by date option just show you the new additions which are sorted out by date. You can also choose envelope icon to have new results periodically delivered by email. Abstracts are freely available for most of the articles but reading the content of full article may require subscriptions. Accordingly, click the library link to the right of the search result and click the labeled library link. Under the search results, you need to click the all versions option and check out for alternative resources. To explore the similar articles under the search results, you're required to go to related articles or cited by options. If you're affiliated with university, you can check with the local library to get the best access of online subscriptions. You can search from a computer or configure your browser to use a library proxy. If you're new to the subject to search for specific terms for getting the better results, you can opt for secondary words to get the particular journal or article. If your search results are too selective for your needs, you can refer what they're citing in references section. You can observe that most of the reference works are more general with often. In a similar manner, if your search results are too basic for you, you can click on the cited by option to view the newer papers that referenced them. These newer papers will often be more specific. If you want to explore about the specific articles or journals, you can consider related articles or cited by options to view closely related work. Along with these, you can search for author's name including what else they have written. At the Google Scholar online website, you can able to get more information about how to get access to the content of articles with refined search, get the tips for email alerts, searching, export, coverage, and corrections.

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